CNS Society Prizes


The Francis McNaughton Memorial Prize for Clinical Research and

The André Barbeau Memorial Prize for Basic Research

The Canadian Neurological Society invites expanded abstract submissions for its two prizes: the Francis McNaughton Memorial Prize for Clinical Research and the André Barbeau Memorial Prize for Basic Research. These prizes were designed to encourage neurology trainees to undertake research projects. Prizes are awarded for the best submitted expanded, structured abstract, based on work done during neurology residency or in post-residency training.

  • The Francis McNaughton and André Barbeau prizes will each consist of:
    • Presentation of your work during the Grand Plenary session at the Congress
    • A Prize Certificate
    • $1,000 cash
    • Full registration to the Congress
    • Travel to the Congress (economy fare)
    • 3 nights’ accommodation
  • Additional $500 prize awards may be presented.

The Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis Foundation in association with the CNS is offering an additional $1500 prize for the best paper submitted on Autoimmune Encephalitis

  • The prize will consist of:
    • Presentation of your work at the Congress, highlighted as a prize-winning abstract
    • A Prize Certificate
    • $1500 cash intended to defray costs related to attending the Congress

General Requirements for all CNS Prizes

  • Contestants must be a member in good standing with any one of the five Societies of the CNSF (a Junior member or an Active member within two years of receiving their certificate).
  • Contestants must submit a letter from their program chair indicating that the work was done by the resident and was principally the work of that resident.
  • Contestants must submit a structured abstract, expanded up to, but not exceeding 3 pages, which is to include any figures, tables, and necessary references. Submissions longer than 3 pages of single spaced typing will not be considered. The format followed should consist of Background, Materials and Methods, Results, and Conclusions. The authors should bear in mind, in the background section, that not all judges will be experts in the subject of the research paper.
  • Contestants must submit a small biography which indicates where the candidate is in their residency or in a diploma program (if applicable), and listing other work that he/she has done.
  • Contestants must also submit their basic abstract to the CNSF Annual Congress, on the official online abstract submission site.

Submission Details

  • All Society Prize submissions must be received by January 31, 2020.
  • Clearly indicate which Society prize you are submitting for.
  • Submissions should be sent as three separate PDF files:
    • Letter from their program chair
    • Biography
    • Expanded Abstract

Applicants for these prizes should send their submissions to:

Canadian Neurological Society