Society Prize Winners 2019


We are very pleased to announce 2019 Society Prize Winners.

The Society Prize Winners present their work alongside our Grand Plenary Distinguished Guest Lecturers during the Grand Plenary Session.


CNS – Francis McNaughton Memorial Prize  -  Adil Harroud
     “Childhood obesity and multiple sclerosis susceptibility:  a Mendelian randomization study”  

CNS – Andre Barbeau Memorial Prize  -  Vincent Picher-Martel
     “Neuronal expression of Ubiqulin-2 mutant exacerbates TDP-43 aggregation in ALS mouse mode”

CACN – The President’s Prize  -  Michelle Chiu
     “Prevalence and determinants of seizure action plans in a pediatric epilepsy population”

CSCN – Herbert Jasper Prize  -  Andrea Parks
     “Diagnostic yield of Next Generation Sequencing and Myositis autoantibody panels in patients with Axial Myopathy”

CNSS – KG McKenzie Memorial Prize Clinical Research  -  Cameron Elliott
     “Intraoperative acquisition of diffusion tensor imaging in cranial neurosurgery: readout-segmented DT1 versus standard single-shot DT1”

CNSS- KG McKenzie Memorial Prize Basic Research  -  Candice Poon
     “Differential microglia and macrophage profiles in human IDH-mutant and-wildtype glioblastoma reveal therapeutic vulnerabilities”


Supplementary Society Prize Awards

CNS - Autoimmune Encephalitis

This year, the CNS has been able to provide an additional opportunity for prize submission. In cooperation with the Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis Foundation, we were able to select two prize winners for the best papers on Autoimmune Encephalitis. These winners will present their work at the 2019 Congress.

CNS - Autoimmune Encephalitis - Dhruv Jain
     “Effects of REM sleep in anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis with extreme delta brush pattern”

CNS - Autoimmune Encephalitis – Aravind Ganesh
     “Worldwide neurologist survey on management of autoimmune encephalitis”

CNSS has awarded two Second Place Prizes for the following Abstract Prize submissions:

CNSS – KG McKenzie Memorial Prize Clinical Research – 2nd Prize - Ayoub Dakson
     “A nation-wide prospective multi-centre study of external ventricular drainage accuracy, safety and related complications”

CNSS- KG McKenzie Memorial Prize Basic Research – 2nd Prize – Farshad Nassiri
     “Predicting individualized risk of recurrence: development and validation of a DNA-methylation based nomogram in meningioma”

The CNSS 2nd place prize winners present their work at the CNSS Chairs Select Platform presentations.